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What Do They Say About Your Brand?

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Ditto is Visual Search for Social

Social media is increasingly visual. But brands can’t listen to photos. Ditto developed proprietary computer vision to enable marketers to discover the brands that appear inside the daily torrent of photos people share on public social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more).

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How to Use the Visual Web


Use Ditto to detect real-time insights about people and their product usage via the rich context of “in the wild” user-generated photos.


Use Ditto to monitor visual impressions and engagement. Measure your campaign’s effectiveness versus that of your competition. Act on emerging trends. Quantify earned impressions or integrate photo analytics with other data.


Use Ditto to directly engage with those who post photos of your brand. Identify the most influential advocates. Find the best user-generated photos containing your brand and seek permission to use them in galleries and marketing campaigns.


Only a small minority of people who post photos containing a brand, follow that same brand. Use Ditto to acquire the list of people who shared a photo with your brand and then build a targeted ad-campaign to engage previously unseen brand ambassadors or those of your competitors’.

Ditto Looks Inside Photos


What Ditto is doing can address the nagging fear of brands that something big is happening around them and they don’t know what it is.

— The New York Times —


Josh Wachman

Josh Wachman


Tacita O. Morway

Tacita O. Morway

VP of Product

Jonathan Lefman

Jonathan Lefman

Director of Engineering

Mike Sollami

Mike Sollami

Chief Scientist

Julia Kim

Julia Kim

VP Client Services

Phillip Edwards

Phillip Edwards

Director of Business Development

Peter Fezzey

Peter Fezzey

Director of Business Development

Ditto is showing us opportunities where fans are expressing their passion for our brand and excitement. We can harness that energy and share it with our fans.

— Nissan —

Stories From The Visual Web

Company News

What People Are Saying

Unlike explicit mentions via hashtag or text, photos offer more nuanced, and potentially more valuable, insight into how a product is perceived by consumers.

— Entrepreneur —

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Ditto Labs was co-founded by technology veterans, David Rose, Joshua Wachman, Neil Mayle, Philip Romanik and Amy Muntz. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

This is the fifth venture in which David and Joshua have collaborated.

Why is Ditto looking at photos on social media?

The ubiquity of camera phones and rise of image centric social platforms has lead to a dramatic increase in image-centric conversations. Brands are part of our everyday lives and often appear in our shared photos.

The current ecosystem of social listening vendors leverage natural language processing technology to analyze text posts, rendering images without brand relevant text a data blind spot.

Ditto complements these text analytics tools by enabling marketers to detect, measure and engage with relevant user images posted on public social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Through the rich context of user photos, Ditto helps brands, and the marketing and media companies which serve them, to better understand people’s brand affinities, usage occasions and sentiment to more effectively engage with current customers and attract new ones.

What social platforms does Ditto analyze?

Ditto currently analyzes public images from three social platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Twitter: Ditto processes 30% of unique photos from Twitter handles with US time zones, and 5% from the rest of the world.

Tumblr: Ditto processes all unique publicly shared images via a Firehose Agreement with Tumblr,

Instagram: Volume fluctuates and is based on search terms and geo-targeting. Actual volume is subject to rate limits and restrictions imposed by Facebook/Instagram.

Do you plan to include Pinterest or Facebook data?

Currently, there is no API partnership with Pinterest. Ditto abides by Pinterest’s terms of service and does not “scrape” Pinterest data as some other services do. In addition, much of the content seen on Pinterest is curated by brands and re-posted by passionate people. Ditto’s core expertise is detecting brands in user-generated photos which are authentic indicators of consumer passion otherwise absent from measurement, and arguably also of high marketing value.

By design Facebook posts are private and therefore Ditto does not have access to this stream for analysis.

Can Ditto recognize my particular brand?

Yes. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms Ditto results average over 99% precision. This means we measure false-matches less than 1% of the time. However, some household brands have very low incidence on social media platforms. This could make training your particular brand a challenge. But the more instances we see of a brand logo, the smarter our machines get, so please contact us to see if your brand is a good candidate for our service.

Can Ditto recognize more than brands?

Yes, Ditto can recognize two dimensional images like, fabric patterns, celebrity images and cartoon characters. Ditto is currently working on new approaches to extract scene context (i.e. beach, snow, office) and softer identification features (i.e. is it a dog or cat in the picture).

How often does Ditto “read” photos?

Ditto is continuously mining this torrent of public photos for matches against a growing catalog of over 3,000 patterns. This is a computationally challenging and expensive process which is distributed among hundreds of servers we operate.

How do clients access Ditto?

SaaS Platform for Brands and Agencies
Ditto serves progressive marketers in consumer-focused industries spanning consumer packaged goods, apparel, quick service restaurants, auto, beverage, transportation, sports, entertainment, etc. Advertising agencies and market research firms also use Ditto’s brand analytics tools to serve brand clients.

Streaming API of Twitter and Tumblr posted photos
For tool providers and large enterprises interested in looking across a broad catalog of brands that appear in public posts from Twitter and Tumblr, Ditto offers a feed for direct integration. This Streaming API product is ideal for those enterprises already purchasing data from Twitter/GNIP or DataSift and who recognize the value of photodata as an enhancement to their core offerings. Instagram is not available to Streaming API clients.

On Demand API for your photo set
More recently, Ditto opened access to its cloud based image recognition service for Ditto clients who have their own stream of photos which need mining. This Ditto On-Demand API serves ad targeters and platforms.

As a marketer, how can I leverage Ditto data to be more successful in my role?

Marketers use social photos for qualitative insights, visual analytics and community growth.

Market Researchers & Strategic Planners use Ditto in search of consumer insights, including identify emerging trends and bringing rich context to briefings, presentations and consumer profiles.

Social Data Analysts use Ditto to track brand incidence, impressions and engagement vs competitors and affinity brands by geography, platform and over time. Social photos can be used by advertisers and content providers to quantify additional visual impressions from sponsorships, partnerships, and other media investments.

Community Managers use Ditto for community engagement and growth to engage directly with customers and amplify emerging trends.

Media Planners use Ditto to target influencers and brand advocates. Media buyers can download the community of people who post photos with the brand for a Twitter Tailored Audience campaign that complements the population of people who follow or mention the brand.

Does Ditto offer geo-based data?

For Twitter data, the heat map view is based on geo-location at the time of the tweet. This is based on latitude and longitude data (irrespective of time-zone) which accompanies tweets if the user enables that on their phone. Currently only 3% of tweets we see have this data enabled. We also display Instagram post location when enabled. To see Instagram posts on the map you need to select “Time Zone Not Available” from the pull down menu. Tumblr data in the analytics tool does not include any location data.

What's Ditto's policy on user privacy?

We only find publicly available images on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

We take user privacy seriously and strive to be good citizens of the evolving social media marketing community. We encourage consumers and marketers to be familiar with the privacy policies by platform.

Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/privacy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/privacy

Instagram: http://instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/

What if a user doesn’t want their content used by a brand?

Social media listening companies using text analytics have been processing public posts for years monitoring hashtags, key words, mentions, follows, retweets etc. Ditto’s services simply extend such analyses to the domain of publicly shared images.

Social marketing platforms have their own terms and conditions pertaining to who owns and, ultimately, who can get access to their platform’s data. At Ditto, we only help brands find the photos where a brand is detected and abide by the terms of service of our content providers listed below:

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/terms-of-service

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tos

Instagram: http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/api/


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