1.8 Billion Photos are
Shared Every day
on Social Media

What Do They Say About Your Brand?

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Ditto is Visual Search for Social

Social media is increasingly visual. But brands can’t listen to photos. Ditto developed proprietary computer vision technology to enable marketers to discover the brands that appear inside the daily torrent of photos people share on public social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more).

Ditto is showing us opportunities where fans are expressing their passion for our brand and excitement. We can harness that energy and share it with our fans.

— Nissan —

Ditto Looks Inside Photos


How to Use the Visual Web


Use Ditto to detect real-time insights about people and their product usage via the rich context of “in the wild” user-generated photos.


Use Ditto to monitor visual impressions and engagement. Measure your campaign’s effectiveness versus that of your competition. Act on emerging trends. Quantify earned impressions or integrate photo analytics with other data.


Use Ditto to directly engage with those who post photos of your brand. Identify the most influential advocates. Find the best user-generated photos containing your brand and seek permission to use them in galleries and marketing campaigns.


Only a small minority of people who post photos containing a brand, follow that same brand. Use Ditto to acquire the list of people who shared a photo with your brand and then build a targeted ad-campaign to engage previously unseen brand ambassadors or those of your competitors’.

What Ditto is doing can address the nagging fear of brands that something big is happening around them and they don’t know what it is.

— The New York Times —

Stories From The Visual Web

What People Are Saying

Unlike explicit mentions via hashtag or text, photos offer more nuanced, and potentially more valuable, insight into how a product is perceived by consumers.

— Entrepreneur —


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Josh Wachman


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