Corona Crowned Most Photogenic This Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (which commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862) is best known as a day to enjoy Mexican beer, food and margaritas.  Supermarkets built displays of tequila, beer, chips and avocados while bars and restaurants promoted themed celebrations – this year in conjunction with “Taco Tuesday.” Corona…

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Fan Photos Show Sponsorships Don’t Necessarily Equal Use at Coachella

The crowds are gone but the photos from #Coachella2015 remain. As the Wall Street Journal reported, brands like H&M, Heineken, and Vita Coco made major investments to sponsor the popular indie music festival, which took place at the Empire Polo Club in Southern California the weekends of April 10-12 and 17-19. Did their investments leave…

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Chevy, Lucky Charms & MasterCard lead their categories in Q1 Visual BrandPower Rankings

Visual BrandPower™ is Ditto’s proprietary proprietary brand health index, released on a quarterly basis, which has been featured in the likes of Fast Company.  We calculate by dividing a brand’s photo share (in Twitter) by its market share to determine if a brand is over or under developed in social photos. Brands with a score…

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E-Book: How Brands Steal The Spotlight During Events

Do you ever wonder how some brands manage to consistently steal the spotlight during major events, while most others don’t even make noise? While it may seem like certain brands have the Midas touch, the truth is they’re probably following a few fundamental formulas for successful “newsjacking.” We’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true methods for…

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Tracx|Ditto webinar: Consumers are talking about your brand with photos. Are you listening? from Ben Foley on Vimeo.

Ditto|Tracx Webinar (video)

We teamed up with our newest API partner, Tracx to talk about why “social photo listening” is vital for brands. This fifty minute webinar with our CMO and Tracx’s head of product, breaks down why text and photo listening are the perfect pair for getting a complete understanding of what’s happening with brands on social media.

Guinness is Most Popular Brand in Photos this St. Patrick’s Day

Turns out nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like our favorite Irish libations, Guinness, Jameson and Bailey’s.  Guinness made the most appearances in Twitter photos this holiday with over three times the incidence of runner up Jameson.  Cats and dogs joined in on the fun and the Lucky Charm’s leprechaun dominated the breakfast table. Fans also…

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6 Secrets to Social Photos That Spark Brand Engagement

Studies reveal the human brain retains only 20% of text but 80% of visuals.  Brands that “listen” to public social photos in addition to text can engage with customers posting authentic experiences and leverage these insights gathered “in the wild.” Ditto looked across several categories and discovered 6 common themes associated with high exposure/engagement on…

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See why Netflix stole people’s photo hearts on #Valentine’s Day

Netflix ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9   Who needs jewelry and chocolate when you can enjoy movies and pizza at home? It was Netflix that stole our hearts this past weekend with more than 2X as many appearances in #Valentine photos shared on Twitter than next two highest brands Diet Coke and…

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Mountain Dew leads soft drinks in Visual BrandPower™

Following the interest in the QSR brand power scores released last month, we’ve calculated this new brand health metric for the top 10 brands in three additional categories (Beverages, Cars and NFL teams) in this interactive website. Mountain Dew topped the beverage list for Q4 2014 with a Visual BrandPower™ score of 615.  Minute Maid,…

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Calvin Klein starts 2015 as top brand in social photos

Calvin Klein’s new ad campaign (and surrounding photoshop controversy) featuring Justin Bieber and Lauren Stone scored in social last month helping boost photo impressions for the fashion brand 93X over the previous 5 week period.  Ellen DeGeneres also got in on the action while fans responded back with their love for Mark Wahlberg. EA Sports…

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