How a #Blizzard Can Help Brands Spot Social Trends

#Juno, the blizzard that’s blanketed the Northeast, forced public and private shut downs. and caused unfortunate damage along the coast, dominated social media. We took at look at brand matches in public social photos with trending hashtags #Juno, #Snowmageddon2015, #Blizzardof2015, #Blizzard2015 and #Blizzard to see which brands had the highest incidence.   It’s no surprise…

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What photos show about the home team fans

With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans are flying high and sharing their passion in social photos.  Before the games kick-off this weekend let’s look at how the fan photos differ. The Patriots have a larger following with over 1.1MM Twitter followers. But at 740K…

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Demo of Ditto Visual Search for Social from Mary Tarczynski on Vimeo.

Video: How to use Ditto

Social media has become photo-centric with 1.8 Billion images shared daily. But brands can’t listen to photos. In this 5 minute video, Ditto CMO Mary Tarczynski takes a look at public social photos for Wendy’s and Burger King to see what customers are sharing and how marketers can use proprietary computer vision for customer insights…

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Ditto's inaugural look at the QSR industry

Which restaurant wins our first Visual Brand Power ranking?

Visual Brand Power is a new critical measure of brand marketing health. It’s defined as the brand’s share of social media impression’s photos created divided by that brand’s market share. We calculated the Visual Brand Power(™) using proprietary computer vision and public market share data for each brand. Why is this important? Because with 1.8 billion photos shared…

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Starbucks or Dunkin? Which coffee powers us through the holidays?

Finals, shopping, decorating, parties – lots to do in December so extra caffeine was required.  Social photos show Dunkin Donuts performed best at powering students through finals and Starbucks fueled our shopping trips. See what we learned about coffee this holiday season and how public social photos can be used to identify and engage customers.…

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Combining Eyes and Ears – “Listening” to Photos in Addition to Text

This December for the BDI Visual Content Marketing Summit, Mary Tarczynski, CMO of Ditto Labs, and Aaron Hayes-Roth, VP of Strategic Alliances at Brandwatch, analyzed the text and photo mentions for six popular liquor brands during the Thanksgiving weekend. After extensive visual and text analysis of each brand’s social presence, the pair discovered a number…

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Kit Kat or Snickers? Which appeared most in Halloween photos?

Consumers continue to document their lives by posting photos to social media. Luckily for marketers, many of those photos contain brands allowing a new type of insight into the mind of the consumer. Halloween 2014 was no exception. We looked at the five best selling chocolate brands – Reese’s, M&Ms, Snickers, Hershey’s and Kit Kat,…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.41.44 PM

World Cup and Fourth of July Celebrations Fueled Unprecedented Photo Sharing of US Flags

The unprecedented US passion for World Cup fueled patriotic sharing of the American flag across social media starting in mid June. This behavior continued well on into Fourth of July and outshone traditional memes associated with the US flag.  Ditto is the only company who can measure this behavior as we specialize in finding patterns such…

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Bud Light Wins in Social Photos Over Memorial Day

Everyone loves Hello Kitty

Photo-Analytics Leader Ditto Labs Secures More than $2 Million in New Funding

Emerging Brand Identification Platform Continues to Make its Mark; Closes Second Round of Funding from Impressive Roster of Investors BOSTON, May 14, 2014 – Ditto Labs – the pioneer in photo-analytics announces an additional investment of $2.2 million from Cue Ball Capital, Stage 1 Ventures, and leaders in media, technology and advertising. Ditto is the…

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