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Guinness is Most Popular Brand in Photos this St. Patrick’s Day

Turns out nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like our favorite Irish libations, Guinness, Jameson and Bailey’s.  Guinness made the most appearances in Twitter photos this holiday with over three times the incidence of runner up Jameson.  Cats and dogs joined in on the fun and the Lucky Charm’s leprechaun dominated the breakfast table. Fans also…

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Spark Photo Engagement

6 Secrets to Social Photos That Spark Brand Engagement

Studies reveal the human brain retains only 20% of text but 80% of visuals.  Brands that “listen” to public social photos in addition to text can engage with customers posting authentic experiences and leverage these insights gathered “in the wild.” Ditto looked across several categories and discovered 6 common themes associated with high exposure/engagement on…

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social photos for valentine's day

See why Netflix stole people’s photo hearts on #Valentine’s Day

Netflix ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9   Who needs jewelry and chocolate when you can enjoy movies and pizza at home? It was Netflix that stole our hearts this past weekend with more than 2X as many appearances in #Valentine photos shared on Twitter than next two highest brands Diet Coke and…

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visual brandpower

Mountain Dew leads soft drinks in Visual BrandPower™

Following the interest in the QSR brand power scores released last month, we’ve calculated this new brand health metric for the top 10 brands in three additional categories (Beverages, Cars and NFL teams) in this interactive website. Mountain Dew topped the beverage list for Q4 2014 with a Visual BrandPower™ score of 615.  Minute Maid,…

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Top 5 Brands in Twitter Photos Jan 2015

Calvin Klein starts 2015 as top brand in social photos

Calvin Klein’s new ad campaign (and surrounding photoshop controversy) featuring Justin Bieber and Lauren Stone scored in social last month helping boost photo impressions for the fashion brand 93X over the previous 5 week period.  Ellen DeGeneres also got in on the action while fans responded back with their love for Mark Wahlberg. EA Sports…

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katy perry

The MVPs of #SuperBowl in Photos

Big SuperBowl spenders Budweiser, BudLight, Pepsi, Doritos, Tostitos and Skittles, were among the top brands in public social photos this weekend.  But how about Katy Perry’s flaming dress? Was that planned by PepsiCo brand Cheetos or a brilliant  coincidence? Either way, Cheetos stole the spotlight. Other top brands in the #SuperBowl photo conversation included this…

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Plowing fans to your brand during #Blizzard

#Juno, the blizzard that blanketed the Northeastern United States, forced public and private institutions to shut down. This disruption caused people to express their mix of trepidation and celebration across social media. We analyzed the brands appearing in public social photos relating to the trending hashtags; #Juno, #Snowmageddon2015, #Blizzardof2015, #Blizzard2015 and #Blizzard to see which…

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What photos show about the home team fans

With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans are flying high and sharing their passion in social photos.  Before the games kick-off this weekend let’s look at how the fan photos differ. The Patriots have a larger following with over 1.1MM Twitter followers. But at 740K…

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Demo of Ditto Visual Search for Social from Mary Tarczynski on Vimeo.

Video: How to use Ditto

Social media has become photo-centric with 1.8 Billion images shared daily. But brands can’t listen to photos. In this 5 minute video, Ditto CMO Mary Tarczynski takes a look at public social photos for Wendy’s and Burger King to see what customers are sharing and how marketers can use proprietary computer vision for customer insights…

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Ditto's inaugural look at the QSR industry

Which restaurant wins our first Visual BrandPower ranking?

Visual Brand Power(™) is a new critical measure of brand health. It’s defined as a brand’s share of public social media photo impressions photos divided by market share.  Ditto is the only company capable of calculating this score using our proprietary computer vision and public market share data. Why is this important? Because our social…

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